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Empowering Little Minds

Always By Your Side!


Hello! I'm Erika!

Since I first started babysitting at the young age of 13, I learned that the essential trust of caring for a family's child is one of the most valuable commodities that you can offer. My first experience started with a family right on my street, with two children, one who was battling a diagnosis of juvenile diabetes. I dedicated myself to caring for these children as if they were my family, including training to give diabetes shots and take blood sugar readings. I watched these children go through elementary school to high school, and am still close with them today while they are in college. Not only did I provide child care for this family, but worked with both children throughout their educational journey which became the start of my tutoring career.

This was the start of my education career over 15 years ago. I have worked with many families all over NJ as a homeschool teacher, private tutor, family support, and nanny/childcare provider. 


Each child is treated with love and respect to provide them with another adult to trust and to guide them. It is rewarding to know I am a role model that inspires my students to always try their best and to love who they are.


Currently, I am a full time tutoring for children of 3 years of age through college. I teach all core school subjects with a specialization in Mathematics. I am a certified teacher in PreK through 8th grade since 2014, and now tutor test prep for students of all ages to gain confidence in test taking including PSAT, SAT, ACT, and Praxis.

I am also excited to now share private cooking and art lessons to help children grow as individuals. The foundations of confidence, courage, and creativity build individuality in each child.

It is my dream come true to have created Team ELM  to continue my passion of working in the education field, to make a difference in each child's life, and to always empower little minds.

Thank you for your support and for your business!

​Erika Mandel

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How It Works
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How It Works


Tutoring Options

Tutoring includes homework help, test prep, and all core school subjects. Your child will always have someone they can trust to go to for help 24/7. We aim to turn their struggles into accomplishments and personal growth!

In Person

30 min/45 min/1 hr long sessions in your home with all resources provided for any subject area.


Levels of Teaching

30 min/45 min/1 hr long sessions through Zoom using the Whiteboard feature and other shared resources for any subject area.


Early Childhood


Middle School

High School



Continuing Education for Adults

Courses that are pre-recorded and designed for you to take at your own pace to review topics or learn a new skill or subject.

Online Chat Help

Chat services for students to ask questions on homework, tests, or editing and revising of work.

Tutoring with Team ELM helps to overcome obstacles. We promise to make sure educational struggles and school hardships become successful accomplishments. Our goal is to always make a difference on your educational journey!

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